The Pace

by Shelena Shorts

  • Title: The Pace
  • Author: Shelena Shorts
  • Publisher: Lands Atlantic Publishing, LLC.
  • Publication date: August, 2009
  • Paperback: 302 pages
  • Stand Alone or Series: Series–this is the first in a series
  • How I got this book: bought
  • Why I chose this book: While I was rifling through different books I could buy on my Kindle, I came across Shelena Shorts’ The Pace.  I was a little skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try.

Book Synopsis

Nineteen-year-old Weston has everything.  He’s super hot, mysterious, dangerous, sincere, and vulnerable.  He’s also a one-of-a-kind evolution that will change the idea of immortality forever.  Anyone would be drawn to him, even without fate’s intervention, and when eighteen-year-old Sophie crashes into him, there’s no turning back.

All that remains is figuring out who, or what, he is, and with a little perseverance, she’ll find out the indelible truth–right along with a century-old secret..and a threat for which neither of them are prepared.


The cover: Can I just say I love black backgrounds on covers.  It really captures the eye and brings a clarity to what else is on the cover.  In The Pace‘s case, it’s an hourglass, which completely does the story justice.  Score one for Shorts!

The characters: When I first learned that Sophie, one of the protagonists, goes to cyber school, I was intrigued, and a little bit excited.  Since it’s relatively new, and many people have different views, it’s not surprising I haven’t read about any characters who do it also.

Weston Wilson III is a dork.  Yes, but he’s a hot dork.  And acts very un-dorkish.  Shorts does an amazing job at bringing this character off the pages with his personality.  He’s not your typical tall dark and handsome, and I love that.  It steps away from the usual stereotypical leading man.

The plot: The first chapter of the stories starts out with Sophie going to meet her mother for lunch at the college she teaches at.  The story was dragging a bit here, and I considered just doing away with the book.  Not many details were given, and it seemed a bit blan.

But I am happy that I stuck with it.  Starting soon after the first chapter, the story really took off, barely giving me a chance to get off the edge of my seat.  Shorts wove together a plot that kept you guessing most of the time.  The main dilemma in the story is Weston Wilson’s secret.  Who he is.  (Or what he is.)  But instead dragging the same problem out throughout the book, Shorts brings in more.  Wonderful.  I do like a challenge.

Overall: Besides that first chapter, this book turned out to be one of my favorites.  It took a relatively popular topic, and turned it on it’s side.  I know I will be anxiously awaiting for each new installement, and I’ll be sad when it ends.

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Spare thoughts: I was a little surprised at how quickly Sophie believed everything Weston said.  Maybe I’m just a skeptic, but if somebody tells me I have a death-defying love, I might just laugh a little.  But I loved it so much I’ll be lenient.

Final: The Pace is truly magnificent.  It contains originality, mystery, and suspense.

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